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August Wrap-up

It has been quite here for quite some time, both on my blog and with comments from me. I was hit by a gastritis in beginning of August, and have not entirely recovered. However, we left the heat wave in Innsbruck on August 23 and spent a few days around some lakes. On August 28, we drove down to Dubrovnik and further on to Montenegro. That is a little bit the problem, since you are outside of the EU and have no access to internet. There are wifi at the campings, but not always very strong. Furthermore I have not been feeling well, and the heat is still at us. We are not in the south of Albania, and in a few days we will be in Greece. For those interested in our travels I have posted a couple of newsletters. You find an overview here. Just click 'No thank' you if you do not want to subscribe and you come inside.

I have had time to read though. Some days, that is all I have energy to do. I read eight books in August. I started the Forsyte saga by John Galsworthy which has been a wonderful read. It seems the books in Swedish does not entirely follow the English numbering. I still have two to go.

Keegan, Claire - Foster

Yarros, Rebecca - Fourth Wing

Keegan, Claire - Small Things Like These

Kressman Taylor, Kathrine - Address Unknown

Miller, Madeline - Circe

Zweig, Stefan - Marie Antoinette (NF)

Galsworthy, John - The Man of Property

Galsworthy, John - Indian Summer of a Forsyte

Due to all the good reviews I did read two books by Claire Keegan which I liked very much. Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros, I already reviewed. I am really enjoying watching Supposedly Fun on Youtube and Greg' excellent take on various books and reading. He led me to an excellent novella by Katrine Pressman Taylor, Address Unknown. Such a clever little book.

I finally finished Marie Antoinette by Stefan Zweig. It probably took me two years, with pauses in between. His writing is different from other biographers, and I really enjoyed the book. Review will come.

The best fiction book this month, and I might think this year, was Circe by Madeline Miller. I really loved it and her different take on the classic story of Odysseus, Penelope, Telemachus, not to mention all the nitty, gritty business of the Greek gods. Review will come. There are so many good quotes in this book, but it is impossible to use them all. I did not like so much her book about Achilles, so it was really a nice surprise.

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