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Classic Spin #36

The Classic club has announced a new spin. My results in this challenge are not very good. I seldom manage to read the chosen book. Even now, I am late with this post, but inspired by the spin, I will try to do my best this time. It did not start very good, because I could not find my list. I have changed my blog provider, and taken away the challenge label I had before. However, I found my list from 2022, took away a couple of books I had actually read, and added two more books. Voilà, here the new list for a new year.

As you can see, number 20 is A Writer's Notebook by Somerset Maugham. I have had this for ages, read part of it, but could not be inspired by it. I do like Somerset Maugham's writing, but maybe this one was too early for me. Since I seem to have lost my book mark, I will start all over again, and hopefully be surprised over how much I love it. Has any one of you read his notebook?

Looking forward to see what your book will be.

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