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DDM reading week 8 -15 May 2023

Ali at Heavenali is hosting another Daphne du Maurier reading week this year. It will take place on 8 - 15 May. This event comes at a very appropriate time for me, since I am on a path to read all, or most, of du Maurier's books.

I have already started and managed five novellas during April. They were:

Don't Look Now

The Apple Tree

The Birds

Not After Midnight

The Blue Lenses

All of the spooky. Most of you will know The Birds, if not by reading, by watching the famous Hitchcock movie. All the novellas are building up a story, about quite ordinary people, but there is a dark undertone lingering, almost not visible. The endings come with a somewhat weird twist. Highly entertaining to read though.

I have already read some books by du Maurier, and will try to start from the beginning. Her first three books are; The Loving Spirit, I'll Never Be Young Again and The Progress of Julius. I have to try to find them, but will choose something else, if they are not available.

Are you a du Maurier fan as well? What would be your favourite books to start with, or to read by her.

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