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German Literature Month, November 2023

German Literature Month is coming up in November which is hosted by Lizzy Siddal. Head over to her post for more information and her list of books to read. There is only one rule, to read anything you want in any language you want as long as it was originally written in German. I am looking through my TBR shelves to see what I have, which was written in German.

Turns out to be only two books:

  • The World of Yesterday, Memoirs of a European by Stefan Zweig and

  • Tornet (der Turm, The Tower) by Uwe Tellcamp.

The last one is a very, very, very thick book, which I have just started. I am also interested in reading some poetry by Rainer Maria Rilke, as well as his Letters to a Young Poet.

Maybe a good idea to read a book from my Classic list, Vicki Baum's Grand Hotel.

Some more books might turn up after I have read other participants' posts.

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