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June Wrap-up

We are already on the 3rd of July when I write this wrap-up of my reading during June. I am on the road with our van and as usual it is difficult to find the time and energy to write, after a busy day. However, now we have parked our car in a beautiful spot by a lake in Tiveden National Park and this inspired me to unpack the computer.

I only read six books during June. The start was very slow, and although I thought I was reading a lot, I never seemed to finish a book. Probably because I read several books at the same time. Here a short summary of the books.

A friend from Brussels who already wrote two books that I have read and loved. She sent me her new book which is now out. Another wonderful historical fiction with dual time lines, and an unexpected ending. As usual her son has designed the beautiful cover. My review under the link above.

Det är inte jag, det är du, Att göra slut med Gud av Rosi Hageberg

A novella by a lady I met recently for a meditative walk. Her book "It is not me, it is you" (my translation) is about her growing up in a religious surrounding of "free churches". She came to a point when she could no longer live the way her community lived and left the religious circle. It is a very interesting book, and she approach it in a very nice way, not accusing anyone, but explaining how she came to her conclusion.

How to be a Stoic - Epictetus/Seneca/Marcus Aurelius

Some more stoic wisdom from the experts.

Signatures in Stone by Linda Lappin

A very interesting and mysterious novel by Linda Lappin about a woman in her middle ages who encounters mysterious happenings in an old Italian walled garden. I have earlier read Loving Modigliani: The Afterlife of Jeanne Hébuterne and Katherine's Wish two historical fiction biographies by her which I loved. This is a different kind of story and a review will come soon.

Blood from a Stone by Donna Leon

Another book by Donna Leon about Inspector Brunetti. She never disappoints and here we are in for another good story from Venice.

Report from the Interior by Paul Auster

I recently bought this book from Charlie Byrne's second hand bookshop in Cork, Ireland. Paul Auster is always good, and this time he takes back to his own childhood and how it affected him. He also remembers a couple of films he'd seen which really made an impact on his life. The Shrinking Man a science fiction novel by American writer Richard Matheson which was made into a motion picture in 1957. The other, I am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang from 1932. Auster's telling of the stories of these two films, his thoughts about them, and how they affected his life is brilliant. The latter part is based on letters he wrote to his then girlfriend while he was in Paris and she in London. Since Auster is an excellent story teller, even his life as a student become interesting.


That was all I managed to do. Now I will be focusing on Paris in July, hosted by Emma at Word and Peace. I have started The Paris Novel by Ruth Reichl. And, of course, it wouldn't be me if I did not start a second book at the same time, and it is Guillaume Musso's La vie secrete des ecrivains. I am not sure it has been translated into English, but a free translation should be 'The Secret Life of Writers'. Please correct me if I am wrong Emma. The Swedish title is "The Secret of the Island". Let's see if it also makes sense.

Hope to see you in Paris in July, 2024.

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Jul 03

Yes, it has been translated, with a literal translation of the French title: The Secret Life of Writers. So good book, isn't it? Looking forward to your links for #parisinjuly2024. Emma @ Words And Peace

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