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Novellas in November

We are half way through the Novellas in November, hosted by Cathy of 746 Books and Rebecca of Bookish Beck, and this is my first post. I did manage to read a novella för the first three weeks.

1 – 7 November: Short Classics - The Sandman by E.T.A. Hoffmann - I really loved this book and Hoffmann's writing. A mystery, dark and spooky tale. The Sandman is a folklore character who is said to throw sand in the eyes of children to help them fall asleep. The protagonist and narrator is Nathanael, most likely suffering from post traumatic stress due to an encounter with the sandman in his childhood. The whole story has a dark, psychological and unreal touch taking us into another world. What is real and what is suggested by our thoughts?

8 – 14 November: Novellas in Translation - Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka - for someone like me who do not like insects it was a rather terrifying read. What does Kafka want to say with the novel? Alienation: people who are different are looked down upon? Work - the employer takes out everything they can from you? Family - he worries about the family which he supports. Once the family realises he can not work anymore, they take their act together and start working themselves, and manage very well. Using other people for their own means?

15 – 21 November: Short Non-Fiction - The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry - an enjoyable children's tale about a prince visiting different worlds. It has an educational streak. The author takes up different areas of life and show what happens when things do go well, or what one should do instead.

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