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Paris in July, 2023 - Château life

Thank you to Emma @ Word and Peace for hosting this annual event.

People who know me, knows that I am crazy about castles. It can be a perfectly beautiful castle where people live, a museum or even a ruin. I just love them. There seem the be a never-ending number of castles available in France. Many of them in a bad condition, but there is always people who are willing to take on a renovation challenge. There are loads of people to follow on youtube who bought a castle and started renovation. I wanted to share with you three different channels that I am following.

The channel is run by Stephanie Jarvis and from the About page we learn the following:

"Back in 2005, I bought the Chateau de Lalande with my two best friends, Nic and Michael. Filled with optimism, we had no idea what epic adventures (and spiralling costs!) lay ahead. But little by little we tackled the renovation of this 16th century historic building, and filled it with friends and family from all over the world.

Now, thanks to the viewers of this YouTube channel, and the patrons of The Chateau Diaries, Lalande is undergoing a renaissance. The chateau and its gardens are springing back to life, with a lot of hard work, set-backs, triumphs and - most of all - laughter, along the way..."

She invites you in to follow daily life, renovations and Chamber d'hôte guests. It is exciting and interesting to see how she has changed the fate of this French château.

"Welcome to Château de Purnon, an extraordinary Louis XVI château, classée Monument Historique in Vienne, France. Practically preserved intact since its construction was completed in 1788, sadly today the château is in serious peril requiring an enormous restoration project to safeguard it for future generations. Join us as we uncover her secrets, share her past and fight hard to secure her future."

This couple, all the way from Australia, has made it their lives' work to try to save the castle.

"Renovating an old abandoned chateau ruin, in the heart of France. as well as renovating a stone french farmhouse, follow for the ultimate one man renovation!"

Dan has lived in France for many years, and we first noticed him working as a gardener at Château Lalande. Maybe the wish for a castle of his own became too much, because he bought a rather derelict castle that he is now renovating, all on his own. An amazing task.

There are many more channels out there where you find hardworking people trying to save a French castle. It is sad to see how many old buildings, not only castles, are abandoned, and not only in France. I find there is something magic with an old house, especially if it is in need of a renovation. My fantasy starts working and I imagine the people having lived there, wondering what kind of life they had.

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