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Paris in July, 2024

We are nearing one of the most popular blog challenges, Paris in July. Introduced by Tamara @ Thyme for tea many years ago. Tamara has now taken a time out and Emma @ Words and Peace has generously taken over the running of the challenge. It turned out to be a huge success last year, and this year Emma is already planning for another Paris, and French, month. If you are not familiar with the challenge, head over to her blog for more information.

During July we talk, read, travel, eat or do anything connected to France. All participants bring something to the rest of us for inspiration and enjoyment. I am starting to think of what I should do during the month. I will be travelling in our van, which makes it a little bit more difficult to arrange events like a dinner. I will take Emma's bingo card as an inspiration. Let's see what's on the card.

PARIS in title - The Paris Novel by Ruth Reichl. Reichl takes readers on an adventure of food, art, and fashion in 1980s Paris in this dazzling, heartfelt novel. Sounds like an adventure I could like. The novel seems to fit in, not only with Paris in the title, but also French Food and Fashion. It would also go with Art and History, but I will find something individual for these titles. One book ticks three boxes. Hopefully, it is not outside the rules. There might be a special event with French food, but in case ...

FRANCE in title - to be updated.

BOOK set in France - Marie Antoinette's Head: The Royal Hairdresser, the Queen, and the Revolution by Will Bashor. I bought this novel last year, but had no time to read it. Will be interesting to see what the hairdresser to MA had to say about his most famous, or maybe only, client.

MOVIE set in France - The Billionaire, The Butler, and the Boyfriend is a French docuseries which follows the lift of L'Oreal heiress Lilianne Bettencourt and the scandals around her. How did a conflict between the world's wealthiest woman and her daughter spiral into national scandal? Sounds intriguiging enough. Although it is a series I might go for a French movie as well. Under Paris - In order to save Paris from an international bloodbath, a grieving scientist is forced to face her tragic past when a giant shark appears in the Seine. Not exactly my cup of tea, but I will keep an open mind. Both on Netflix.

French FOOD - The Paris Novel by Ruth Reichl - I might try to make a French dinner of my own.

French FASHION The Paris Novel by Ruth Reichl

French MUSIC - I am sure I can find some nice French music to listen to.

French FLAG on book cover - to be updated.

French HISTORY - I am thinking of a biography of Napoleon.

TRAVELS in France - I have travelled in France so might go down memory lane and write about one or two of them.

PLAY set in France - I have to

OTHER! - French Windows by Antoine Laurain

EIFFEL TOWER on book cover - to be updated

CROISSANT on book cover - to be updated, but could be difficult to find ... or not?

French ART - so much to look for here. To be updated.

French LANGUAGE - I will not be able to read a novel in French, but maybe a poem. To be updated.


So much to look forward to. I will certainly be inspired by your posts as well, as regards books, arts, history etc. Looking forward to exchanging views on everything French.

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03 jul

Please add your post to our list of links, with mr linky, on this page: Your post can be a good source of inspiration for others. Emma

Me gusta

25 jun

Neat to see that the BINGO card can be a good way of starting Paris in July! Emma @ Words And Peace

Me gusta

I like the idea of using a Bingo card this year. I shall have to download it and save it for July. It is time to start planning!

Me gusta
Contestando a

I agree, it seems like a good way to start getting ideas on what to do. Especially, since I am quite busy in June and don't have so much time to plan.

Me gusta
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