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Reading statistics for 2022

Better late than never, so here come some statistics from me. I am still travelling in Portugal, and it has turned out that my Ipad Pro, which I brought with me, does not work as well as my laptop. Having said that, I hope that my posts will come out all right.

In 2022 I read more books than ever before. I included audio- and e-books on my TBR shelves during the year, which increased the number somewhat. Let’s have a look at the statistics.

Books by countries (may include the same author serveral times since I count by the number of books)

Sweden: 37

England/Australia/Irland/US/South Africa: 44

France: 6

Norway: 6

Germany/Austria: 6

Finland: 4

Iceland: 3

Russia: 3

Denmark: 2

Argentina: 1

Greece: 1

Interesting stats which gives you a hint of how you are reading in a global perspective. For 2023 I want to read more books from outside Europe. One aim for the next years is to read a book from all countries in the world.

Female vs male authors

I never really think of the gender of the author I read. I chose from other criteria, but it is still interesting to see how it turns out.

Female - 42

Male - 72

Almost the double number of male authors. I don’t put too much into it, but it is importens to highlight. Considering that there are, I think, more female authors than male around the world it sticks out a little bit.

My updates

I am still travelling in Portugal, and did not bring with me my laptop. I am using my Ipad Pro for the first time updating my new blog site. It turns out the Ipad is not compatible with Wix, so I had a lot of problems updating the site. However, with a big portion of patience, I managed somewhat. That is why I don't even try to and some nice charts to this post. I am just hoping this will turn out ok.

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