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What to read for the Classics Club Spin # 37

The Classics Club have had another spin. This time the wheel stayed on #8. The number eight on my list is House of Mirth by Edith Wharton. Since I will be travelling in May, and I have it on my ipad, I might be able to read the choosen book this time. Let's hope.

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Debbie Nance
Debbie Nance
a day ago

This is a book I want to read. I hope you get time to read it this month.


May 01

I hope you enjoy it. I admit never reading anything by Wharton, and at this point in my life, her writing doesn't seem to attract me, but you may be able to change my mind! I'll be reading a classic mystery: Emma

Replying to

I have seen a few film adaptations of her books, but not read very much. Although recently I read Ethan Frome and I really did like that one. It is a novella, and the story stayed with me for quite some time. I can agree though that her writing might feel a little bit old fashioned these days.

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